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~ 2020~

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I am one happy soul welcoming in this New Year. It will be a year filled with opportunities for all of us. It just depends on which path we want to take – that of positivity or that of negativity.

I have had enough negativity and ugliness to last me a couple of lifetimes, but I realize that many of us are left with a Chronic Stress Hangover from 2019. Before we can move on, we need to bring some balance back into our lives and revitalize our energy. With that in mind, I am presenting to you our first class of the year!


The Power of Feng Shui


Step Away From the Craziness: From Chronic Stress to Peace - The Power of Feng Shui

Stress can be a killer – it ties us up in knots and turns us inside out and can really wreak havoc with our health.

Maybe you feel how 'out of control' your life is – that your frazzled nerves are running the show and you are being helplessly dragged behind like the tail of the comet, just whipping you around in every which way.

Have you been living with this Chronic Stress for so long you don't know what it feels like to be 'normal?' Is all of this affecting your health? I have several clients who truly feel that it is.

But I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. We can each do a lot to alleviate much of this, AND THE BEST PART ABOUT IT ALL IS IT IS FUN!  When we bring our homes, living and working environments, and ourselves into balance, it is a sure bet that the way we handle these stresses will be different, and 'they' (the powers that be in medical and science circles) tell us that 'stress' is not the issue, but how we respond to it IS.

I know from so many of my Feng Shui clients that our Political Chaos (Crisis) is a huge culprit here, but at the same time, so many more of us have been living with Chronic Stress caused by any number of issues. It could be illness, or financial, marriage woes, children issues, weight, and the list is endless.

By creating a 'peaceful center' within ourselves, our home and our work-space, we can weather this storm with grace.  

This class is now open for registration.

Class Details

Chiracahua Mountains

Writing the Spirit and Texture of Place

Next Registration and Class Dates TBA

Place can be brought alive as a character.  It has power.  This is a class for all of you who feel the depth of place, but don't quite know how to give it power in your words.

Register and begin the class at any time starting on July 15th, and anytime there after.  Yes, you will have complete access to the class upon registration.



Leaning Into Silence - The Unfolding of the Textures and Layers of Silence

The date and location are in the works.  Please stay tuned.  This is an experience you won't want to miss.

Novelist, teacher and guide, C. Susan Nunn, takes us into a creative exploration of silence, the unfolding of the textures and layers of the experience.

This online retreat is for all creative souls who want to experience the art of silence and come away with a deeper understanding of themselves and their artistic path, whether a writer, painter, dancer or nature lover, whatever your path, ‘silence’ is an experience you won’t want to miss. Through visual exercises and Susan’s work of exploring ‘place’ and all that is through silence, you will lift into a space of renewal, and be counting the days until it's retreat time. Come away feeling renewed and ready to “create.”


Truth in Mining

Mining Truth in Memoir: Digging for our Gold, our Personal Truth

Class opens Oct. 31st, 2017 and will remain open thereafter.

Our Signature Class, designed to give each writer the tools needed to "mine" their material, digging for the gold, which opens up your memoir to a whole different level.

This process will help you find your voice, and be able to see what actually goes into the memoir and what doesn't.

Class Details & Registration

Song of the Earth

Mining Truth in Memoir -
Writing Section - an online writing workshop which meets two times per month.

This section is ongoing, and is intended for students who have completed the Mining Truth in Memoir class.

NOTE:  Before registering for this class, one must finish the Mining Truth in Memoir class offered above.

This class will continue indefinitely and will be meeting online two nights per month and can be paid for either by the month, every three months, or every six months. It will utilize the tools offered in Mining Truth in Memoir: Digging for our Gold - our Personal Truth.  We are here to write and work towards finishing our books/projects.  We will be moving forward at a steady clip.  Be prepared to finish your work.

Registration for this class is ongoing and is available for registration following the completion of Mining Truth in Memoir - Digging for our Gold, our Personal Truth.


Image of tree branches

Building the Foundation of Story:
A Beginner's Class

Do you have a narrative starting to form in your mind, one that is just begging to be brought to light and to the page, but you just don't know where or how to begin this awesome journey into story?

These feelings are very familiar to all of us who write. At the beginning, most of us just plowed headlong into it, until finally it became something more than just words.  Some of us went after degrees thinking that would magically shorten the path we had chosen, and others found even though they were naturals at writing and storytelling, they still needed some guidance.

Join me for this 6-week class, as we explore the fundamentals of writing, and construct our foundations on which to build our stories.  All I ask of you is to bring your passion for writing, your ideas of what you want to get onto paper, a curiosity of life, and an open mind.

The next class dates TBA


Time is the variable that seems to dictate to each of us what we can do and what we can accomplish - personally I'm sick of the 'lack of time.'

Being a writer, there never is enough time, it seems.  Having that thought in mind, I have redesigned these online writing classes so that upon registration each student has full access to the class.  You can now sign up for the classes you would like to take and just become a part of them, of all of them.   No waiting until the next week before the next lesson.  If you have a weekend available, just click online and get through it, get inspired, discover all the great ways to accomplish your desired result as you put your words to the page.

I've made them fast moving and intriguing and each new lesson builds on the last one.  You will have a take away with each lesson.  That is huge to keep the juices flowing.

These classes are designed as a pathway into a more profound understanding from which our words emerge, that compost pile Graham Greene and Robert Olen Butler referred to in their writings. Each class is designed as a study of nature’s power to bring us into ourselves.

As a writer, these classes will guide you out of your head and into your core. You can call it your heart, your center, your senses, your emotional center – the seat of your being, whichever each of us feels comfortable with. For me, as your guide, I call it ‘our emotional center’ where all the good stuff is stashed, where the senses come alive.

By letting Nature's healing powers embrace us, we begin to feel comfortable with who we really are.  We are able to bring our thoughts and feelings to the page without fear of reprisal, by opening a path into the ‘Organics’ of our souls.

With nature as a structure from which to build on, and to depend on in times of need, we create a foundation for all of our writings. One where we can burrow into our center and bring forth texture and depth which will enhance our readers’ experience.



c-susan-nunn-picAs we move into a year of uncertainty, I recognize the tremendous potential before us as each of us ‘mine’ and ‘lay claim’ to our most creative spirits.

My wish for all of you is that we make 2020 ‘The Year of our Power’ – that we carve time from our busy lives and embody the very essence of this life we have chosen – that we prioritize and accomplish what is really important in this world – that we open our hearts and fill the world with love, not only in words, but in our actions, as well.

I’m with you on this journey.

Wishing you peace,