The Struggle of Values

We are living in a free country. It means freedom to choose our path of religion, or not to have a religion. freedom to read books of our choice, or to eat whatever we want. It means the freedom to say or do anything as long as it is within the boundaries of our laws. We all struggle with the right and wrong of things, because in our hearts we know that just because there is a law that says we can consume everything, or do everything, not all laws are made for our own good. An abundance of our laws are passed for the sake of another’s good, most generally their financial good. What I’m saying is just because something is out there, doesn’t mean it is something we should consume. It is way past time for each of us on this planet to start paying attention to what we consume and allow/force our families to consume. To make my point, let’s discuss Paula Dean. For a couple of weeks now, I’ve tried to think of a positive way to say this, but I don’t think there is anything positive that can go in the same sentence with her…

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Marketing A Non-traditionally Published Novel

I had worked on this novel, Song of the Earth, for about fifteen years, so it was like my own baby that I was trying to give birth to, but at the age of 68 I didn’t feel I had the time, nor the stamina to do the exhausting search for an agent and/or a traditional publisher. I just wanted to get this out, and then start in on all the other unfinished writing projects. Just before I decided to go with Branch Hill Publications, a small publisher in Vermont who would use Amazon and Create Space as their vehicle to publication, I read the long piece in the “New Yorker” about publishing with Amazon, and how all the traditional publishers were not happy with the way Amazon was changing the status quo of the publishing world. I then attended AWP’s Conference in Seattle, with the article fresh in my mind. At the Conference, I sat down at the Amazon table and talked to two young men who blew me away with their knowledge of Create Space and Amazon and how all of it worked. They showed me how easy it all was. So, why did I go with a…

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