We are living in a free country. It means freedom to choose our path of religion, or not to have a religion. freedom to read books of our choice, or to eat whatever we want. It means the freedom to say or do anything as long as it is within the boundaries of our laws. We all struggle with the right and wrong of things, because in our hearts we know that just because there is a law that says we can consume everything, or do everything, not all laws are made for our own good. An abundance of our laws are passed for the sake of another’s good, most generally their financial good. What I’m saying is just because something is out there, doesn’t mean it is something we should consume. It is way past time for each of us on this planet to start paying attention to what we consume and allow/force our families to consume.

To make my point, let’s discuss Paula Dean. For a couple of weeks now, I’ve tried to think of a positive way to say this, but I don’t think there is anything positive that can go in the same sentence with her name, other than maybe she has caused us to think about this issue more deeply, just like the NFL caused us to look at abuse in a different light. I totally ignored the NFL mess on these pages as I was just sickened by all of it. Not that we didn’t know a lot of these guys were troublesome, to say the least, but that the NFL condoned this stuff all for the sake of money. I also seriously thought of ignoring Paula Dean’s plea for understanding as she announced her new cable show. Again, apologies come easy for those who want to be sure the money starts coming in, or like for the NFL who doesn’t want their bottom line to suffer. When I saw Paula Dean back in the news, saying how sorry she is and how she is starting her own program and on and on and on, I was reminded of something she did that stuck heavy in my craw.

Sure, the world is full of hypocrites, but she took it to such a level that I have never seen before, a level that could knowingly cause irreparable damage to her blinded followers. I understand how she wants to get some money coming in again, what isn’t understandable is the deceitful path she has taken to make money to start with and all these people (mostly women) who are standing behind her. This is a woman who was diagnosed with diabetes, but yet continued to sell her archaic way of cooking without disclosing her own health issues from this type of cooking and eating. She, in the privacy of her own home, started dropping some weight and being more cognizant of what she ate as she followed doctor’s orders, but led her blinded followers down the path of destruction. Had the truth not been uncovered, she would still be taking her following right to the grave with all the horrors of her ways. Just like the NFL, had that tape not surfaced, everything would still be the same. It is only exposure that causes these entities to apologize and swear to make changes.

I have no compassion for someone in the public eye that will be this deceitful. And further more, it goes back to this: We are just as guilty as she and/or the NFL for not taking responsibility for what we consume. We are not blind, we can see all those fats and calories, and we could see the abuse, and rapes by the NFL players. We have been given the power to think and to reason. We know the research. We, as individuals on this planet, have to start taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. We’ve been told this for years and have not followed it. There is so much garbage out there, it is time we stopped following others off the cliff, and start paying attention. Pay attention. Remember, when someone tries to sell you a bill of goods, ask yourself who is really paying the bill.