Exploring writing through the nuances of nature.

Susan Nunn author bio imageRecently I have come to realize that nature has carved me into its vessel – a vessel which then carries nature’s spirit, its nuances, forth to the world. Somewhere, and sometime, a long time ago or maybe more recently, I have become someone different than who I thought I was. Nature has embedded itself within me. It oozes from my pores. It was always there, but now it seems to have moved in from my edges to my center. Maybe it always wanted to be there, but I held it at bay. Why? I have no idea. I have found nature to be my healer, it brings me back to myself, it quiets me. It seems I would rather be in nature than about anywhere in this world.

Early in the morning, when dawn is just starting to break, I pour a cup of tea, and slip outside with my two dogs, Harry, the Black Lab, and Ellie, the Golden Retriever. While they sniff around the backyard or dig up the bones they buried the day before, I sit with pen and paper, and begin my day, thoughts rolling out onto the page. When I write, I feel the essence of the wind, the brisk air of the high peaks – the breath of the mountain lions as they walk so stealthily through the forest. I’ve noticed my writing changing with the wind, the tide, it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

But the one thing that will never change, is the depth of which I take my students so they can explore the possibilities of a character, or the truth (their truth) that has been hidden from them all these years while they tackle their memoir.

As you peruse through the class offerings please consider where you are at the moment in your writing, and how I can best help you cross over into a finished product or a higher level of understanding of your work. With the newly designed classes, I will no longer need to cap each class.  They are now designed for each of you to have full access upon registration.  If you need me, I am here for you, but there will be no more stressing over weekly check-ins.

I can’t wait to share your stories. We will turn your struggles into opportunities.

Susan Nunn author bio image
Susan Nunn author bio image
Susan Nunn author bio image