Susan Nunn editing
I, like so many, have been all caught up in the chaos and ugliness that seems to have permeated our country, and maybe even the world, but I have had enough. I believe the sun is out there, maybe it is behind some thick, dark clouds right now, but they will dissipate soon and the light will fall on all of this. And, when it does, we will have changed. We will be more aware of how easily things can go awry. We will know how fragile our democracy really is, and the work that is required to keep it healthy and safe.

So, while we are waiting for the sun to come back out, I’ve asked myself what am I doing to make the world a more peaceful and safer place? I needed something bigger than myself. Before I could answer it, I had to search down deep and grab a hold of my passions, dust them off, and let their energies rise to the top, let them breathe again. I have several passions, but it seems they all weave together to make this human called me – me. I was lost there for awhile, just way too much being piled on. I was feeling the weight of responsibility for all of this. But, when I finally decided I had had enough and I better get busy, I discovered an inspiration that had been lying dormant for some time. While the powers that be are working to divide us, I am taking another path, the path to unite us. You see, I love tea! I love writing! and I love people! So the trick is to bring them all into one. I believe our power is in our neighborhoods and communities, and I wanted to do my part to strength them, and what better way than through tea.

I have writing classes online, and I spend a good deal of time editing manuscripts for others. I also have a tea company, – and then there is the people aspect of all of this. This is where I came up with this new Initiative – Journey of Discovery – Finding Peace Through Tea. We can thank the chaos in our country for this, as the more I tried to deal with the chaos and dysfunction, the more I saw how divided we all were becoming. On January 1st, I started, one might call it a ‘soft-start,’ by sending out an extra bag of tea with every order of $30 or more. I am ‘gifting’ this bag of tea to the customer so they can in turn ‘gift’ it to another. It is my dream that people across the nation will be ‘gifting’ a bag of tea to someone who may be having a bad day, or maybe a neighbor of a different culture that you have never spoken to before. Maybe an elderly neighbor who always seems a bit out of sorts. Just to give them the tea, and to see one more smile. Tea is a universal commodity. Everyone loves tea, even those who think they don’t. So far, my customers have been loving this process. When I email them, explaining what I have packed into their shipment, they respond so favorably, already thinking of who they will ‘gift’ the tea to.

Packing the extra bag of tea in each order made me realize how many of my own neighbors I had never spoken to. I am trying to alleviate this issue. I try to give a bag of tea a week to one of my neighbors, and visit with them for a few minutes. In the near future, you will see a ‘go fund me’ page up, as I kick this process into high gear. I hope you will join in as we celebrate our neighborhoods, and build strong bonds among them. Wishing you peace, Susan