Leaning Into Silence – A Spring Retreat in the Ozarks March 6-8

Are you stuck in your creative endeavors?

Do you feel the need to burst through the muck and let your creativity soar?

Silence has been proven to unleash our creative power. Internationally recognized yoga teachers and frequent leaders of silent retreats, Joan Ruvinsky and Kathleen Knipp, are joining me as we explore the ‘textures of silence’ in the beautiful Ozarks. (Other than times of instruction, silence will be held.)

Leaning Into Silence unleashes our spirit in all of our creative endeavors, our practices and in our lives. This will be a retreat no one will want to miss. Be sure and click above for your FREE Gong Recording by Melissa Crowder.

Details of the Retreat

As we settle into this silent retreat, embraced by the beautiful Ozarks of southwestern Missouri, spring unfolds around and within us. This retreat is for all creative souls who wish to live the art of silence and come away with a deeper understanding of themselves and their artistic path. Whether writer, painter, dancer, nature lover, or whatever your path may be, silence is the seminal experience that fosters an inner listening which leads to new forms of expression. Through Joan and Kathleen’s gentle body-sensing yoga and Susan’s work of exploring ‘place’ through her deep, creative techniques that allow for a profound “seeing,” you will be buoyed into a space of renewal and come away feeling revitalized and ready to create and look at your world through new eyes.

Joan Ruvinsky

Joan RuvinskyJoan Ruvinsky has been teaching body sensing yoga and meditation in the non dual tradition since her apprenticeship with Jean Klein, beginning in 1989. Her collection of poetry, This Wind, published in 1996 by the Muses’ Company, spans the range of inner and outer experience of nature and Nature, and the underlying wholeness from which both spring. Her interest in the Tantric tradition of medieval Kashmir brings a body-centered aesthetic to writing and a poetic sense to embodiment, each nourishing the other into their fullness of expression.

Kathleen Knipp

Kathleen KnippKathleen Knipp shares her love of the non-dual teachings, body sensing, yoga nidra and her interest in the texts of Kashmir Shaivism at Pathless Yoga in Montreal and at retreats in the US. A former resident of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and an E-RYT500 yoga teacher, she was co-founder and director of Global Yoga Journeys as well as yoga studios in Virginia and Missouri. For the past 20 years she has been fully absorbed in the study and practice of yoga and also pursues her bliss by chanting, hiking, back-packing and eating. Kathleen’s current interest is in giving verbal expression to what transcends language.

C. Susan Nunn

C. Susan NunnC. Susan Nunn is the author of ‘Song of the Earth,’ a novel said to be a ‘journey into our consciousness, both as a people and as a nation.’ She holds an MFA, with a dual concentration in Fiction and Creative Non-fiction, from Antioch University Los Angeles. She also is a Certified Creative Writing Instructor and is launching online classes which will highlight her creative spirit.

‘Sprawlr,’ a new online literary journal will be including an excerpt of her story, “Crystal Threads” when they launch this winter. Susan’s writings have also been in other recent publications such as Pilgrimage Literary Journal, High Country News, and Role Reboot.
Susan worked as an innkeeper on the US-Mexican border for twelve years, and became a tireless advocate for human rights. She has spent a lifetime studying ‘place.’ Now that ‘Song of the Earth’ is out for all to read, she is devoting her time to a memoir and designing and teaching her online classes, both in writing and creativity. She lives in Joplin, Missouri caring for her elderly father with her two shadows, Harry and Ellie, her black lab and golden retriever.

Testimonials for Our Teachings

[By learning to focus on my surroundings with Susan’s teachings,] ‘ …I soon found my attention was directed to the river, where in the center, the current ran strong, and the water flowed freely. Near the edge of the river, the water slowed into stagnant pools, bits of debris clogging the surface. I saw, as I observed the river, that as I stay centered, my life flows, and as I move away from center, I get bogged down with junk littering my life, becoming stagnant and stuck.’
Clm Joplin, MO

My whole outlook did a 180 after working through the Leaning Into Silence class. I had no idea what ‘seeing’ really meant. Thank you Susan.’
Dk Tucson, AZ

What a treat to be on retreat with you [Joan]! Thank you again for the teachings, friendship and space created to move into Stillness and recognize presence is always here.
VA, Salt Lake City, UT

I want to sincerely thank you for your teachings [Joan]. It might be awkward to describe in words the revelations, insights and moving richness of my retreat experience. It was our collective work, and play!, most of it in silence, that made the time and place so relevant. Your approach and profound attention allowed for emerging truths, most times delightful, and artfully, lovingly found.
AM, New Windsor, NY

I felt (and continue to feel) unclogged – I have more energy and more focus and am just getting a whole lot more done and with much less sort of background noise in my head, if that makes sense. It’s been pretty amazing. Thank You [Kathleen]!— Alice

It was amazing! I felt expansive, “enoughness”, “beingness”, that I’m ok just now, a remembering of feeling this way as a child, all that arises is “ok”, awareness of the ego as a child playful and self-centered and awareness of that being ok … I felt connected to everyone in the room. There was a moment when I didn’t feel my body or hear your voice, but was still alert … Felt my eyes open the whole time, even though they were closed. [I] felt a lightness–found some sort of center within me. [Thank you Kathleen.]
— Ellen

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Leaning Into Silence – A Spring Retreat in the Ozarks March 6-8

Come and join us for this weekend that is designed to revitalize your senses! I promise you! The food is excellent, great teas and coffee, nature at its finest. A place where silence is the norm, and we are invited to ‘slip into that silence’ and experience thru the depth of nature’s beauty our own inner beauty.

Remember the dates: March 6-8, 2015. We will be at a beautiful center – a great place for a study of ‘silence.’ All attendees will have private cabins, at no extra charge. Just bring your sleeping bags. To embrace the experience, delicious vegan and vegetarian foods will be served.

It will be one of those memories you will re-visit time and time again. It’s a time for Renewal.

All Inclusive Price: $420

Retreat Information Packet will be sent to all registrants upon paid receipt.
Please email me for additional information: csusannunn@gmail.com.
Thirty (30) is our limit. Hurry and make your plans for a ‘spring renewal.’