I have one of my writing classes up and running, and have two more in the kiln, firing them so to speak – getting them ready for the world. Now I am talking to people about wholesaling my tea products in some of the stores, and also am making a presentation Monday night at the Farmers’ Market meeting to see if what I have to offer is something they want, and also to see if this is what I want. Talk about commitments, this would be a commitment. Here in Boise, it runs every Saturday from mid-April to mid-December.

The starting of a new business is not for the weak of heart or mind. It seems so easy just to roll along, with sales here and there, and not to struggle with any of it. Let it all come as it may. But, the time comes when we either have to jump over the crevice that is cut deep into the earth (our minds) and tell the world we are ready, or else just be happy with what little comes or let the business idea die. I’ve been told trying to bring two different businesses up at the same time is crazy. There are days I really believe it to be true. Literally crazy, but it is what it is, and now to see which one becomes most viable in the years to come.

Let’s talk about that crevice for a minute. We, as humans, can build up roadblocks (crevices) to stop us at every turn. It seems we like to stay in our comfort zones. Some of us expand those comfort zones, while others keep things really tight and close, and don’t look beyond for answers. I’m normally one of those that takes a leap about every other day, not giving the crevice that is growing in my mind a chance to take hold. Not saying that is always the right way, but it has mostly been my way.

So, why change now? I must say I have given all of this more thought than I normally do. Could it be that I am older and more mature now? Maybe – older for sure, the maturity is still a question to be mulled over.

But, the truth is, I have a vision and I want to make the right moves towards that vision. The next step seems to be the one I am taking. It’s kind of like climbing a mountain, and when the going gets steep, do we turn back and forget about how long we have wanted to do this, or do we move forward into the unknown?

Having this online tea shop and also online writing classes (www.csusannunn.com) doesn’t feed into my best attribute that I have to offer. You see, I am very much a people person. After years and years of working in hospitality, I’ve been told so many times that it’s my personality that brings out the best in all of those around me. I make people comfortable. My biggest issue with doing the online businesses has always been how can my personality come through in cyberspace? That’s hard.

I have the tea website up, www.ThunderMountainTea.com – but as with any site, it still needs work. Yes, it is beautiful, but is it me? Does it reflect my values and my desire? Does it show my personality? I don’t feel that it does. I think I have done much better with my writing site, in reflecting my personality.

You be the judge, as I am tired of judging myself. My vision about teas is and always has been, that tea should be enjoyed by the masses. It should not be burrowed down and steeped in traditional ways. Sure, those ways are fine and I love to explore them, but tea should be for all of us. Let us start our own traditions. It can be served in a mug with hot bread right out of the oven. We don’t need dainty tea cups and scones, although they are very nice, and I love the little tea sandwiches, but I also love it with homemade bread right out of the oven and a steaming bowl of soup.

I want the tea out there for all to enjoy, and I want us all to be able to start our own traditions. I want my readers and those consuming my teas to enjoy them in the early morning, or late at night by a fire out in the wilderness, or by the fireplace at home. A cup of tea in the morning as the snow drifts across the yard. Or, sipping and thinking, visualizing how your day will unfold. For me, as a writer, I don’t know what I would do without my tea. It seems to bring me to my center, it helps me to ‘calmly’ create, whether it be a new character in a novel, or a new class I am building.

The difference between tea and coffee is massive. Not just in the flavor, but in what it does – coffee gets me moving and I don’t stop, but it is more physical. Tea allows my mind to be quiet and let what I am ‘dreaming’ of come to life. A mental activity. Huge difference for me.