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The popular Organics of Writing series - writing classes and workshops designed to explore the ‘natural resources’ we were gifted as writers, guaranteeing each participant will come away with a path into the ‘why’ of their work.

Mining Truth in Memoir: Digging for the Gold, our Personal Truth

Mining Truth in Memoir - Wikipedia defines prospecting as ‘…exploring an area of natural resources…’

Digging for our Gold, our Personal TruthDo you find yourself struggling with ‘truth’ while writing your memoir? Do you feel guilty when you skim over what you don’t want to expose, wondering how much is enough? When you start feeling uncomfortable, your stomach is churning, and you get up from your writing and go clean the kitchen it means you are really on to something, and that is where we will drop our pick into the dirt and start exploring.

The fact is ‘everyone’s truth’ is layered with texture, guilt and possibilities and in this class I will guide you through the discomfort as we explore that space, ‘our emotional center’ where we have locked it all away.

I have designed this class as a prospecting trip into the hills looking for our gold. Sometimes when the light hits these truths as it sifts down through the trees, we realize it really isn’t of any importance and wonder why we thought it was such a big deal. Then again, it may become apparent that this is our story, and we had been writing around it all this time.

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The Organics of Writing Class Series Mining Truth in Memoir prospecting expedition is open for you to study at will.  It is designed as an 8-week class, but you can go through it faster or slower.  Since each of us have different ways of learning, I have revamped this class so  you can take it and go through it as fast as need be or at a slower pace.  I am leaving it to you to go at will.  We will explore the different methods of digging into that moist organic space where truth explodes into deep, scintillating story. The possibilities are endless with these valuable practices.

This class is open and runs continuously.  You can register and begin immediately, and take it at your own speed.

Cost: $129

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“This eight (8) week class is designed to take each student deep into that moist, organic space within ourselves where our truths lie hidden and our stories are born. These eight (8) weeks are utilized exploring the many different paths to reach our deepest level, and then bring that truth to the top, examine it and see if it is something that belongs in this story, or another."

What Others Are Saying

“My first 10 pages of the [book] proposal, an excerpt, have definitely come alive because of the class and I know it still has some ways to go…. Thanks. You have inspired me in so many ways – this has been of great help. You have been of great help.” l.h. Chicago, IL

“I had no idea how to approach writing a memoir until I took this class. I learned the craft of memoir writing, but more importantly learned about myself.” k. r. Palm Springs, CA

“Susan does an amazing job of integrating readings, writing, guided imagery, meditations, interviews and group discussion into a deeply creative experience. This class will help you take your memoir writing process to a new level.” m.c. St. Charles, IL

When I enrolled into Mining for Gold, I didn't quite know what to expect. The class launched what has become a journey for me to discover the hidden things that have affected my writing. Some of the revelations were quite deep, but they set me on a path to healing from my past, as well as the courage to seek help for incidents long buried, but needing excavation. Susan's class offers a portal through which a writer can delve deeper into self through a series of exercises. Through the journey, the discoveries one makes are worth the agony of the process, and time it takes to get there.  af, California

Working with Susan Nunn

If I had my way, my desk would sit out under a tree, far removed from human contact and sound. Not just any tree, mind you, but one embedded in a swirl of nature all around it. With the squirrels running up and down its trunk, and hanging out on a limb as the dogs race to its base, drooling at the possibility that sits above them. With a creek singing in the background … yes, nature for me is what brings my core alive. Like the dogs, nature wakes me to the possibilities of story, and of self. It enlivens my imagination and creativity.

I have spent a lifetime studying “the essence of place” and bringing it alive in my writing. I hold an MFA, with a dual concentration in Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction, from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and am the author of Song of the Earth, “a novel said to be a journey into our consciousness, both as a people and as a nation.”

I am certified as a Creative Writing Instructor and generally find myself helping those who have lost that elusive ‘thread’ as they tried to weave it through their work.

An excerpt of my story, “Crystal Threads” was published in the online journal, Sprawlr. My other recent pieces have been in Role Reboot and The Pilgrimage. I am just completing a memoir, and have a novel-in-progress. I live in Boise, Idaho, and with the help of Harry and Ellie (my Black Lab and my Golden Retriever, respectively) I care for my elderly father, and yes, it does take all three of us.  Dad is well cared for.

Those who find their way to “The Organics of Writing” will come away with a path into the ‘why’ of their work. They will have experienced what it is like to explore their own ‘natural resources’ and will feel comfortable with the digging up of their truths.

I believe ‘the written word, our stories, should be laced with profundity, giving the reader something to grasp.’

Chiricahuas Mountains
Susan Nunn editing
About the Process

Mining Truth in Memoir: Digging for our Gold, our Personal Truth is open upon registration.  There is a lot of content, videos, and exercises.  These are designed to help you get out of your head and into your emotional center as fast as possible, so that you don't waste time writing around the edges.

Your 'emotional center' is where you will find your gold.  It is that space that allows your store to bubble up onto the page.  Your readers want to feel the emotions of the event you are writing about.  These processes work and you will be thrilled with the results.

The Ruzuku platform is extremely user friendly. Each class has a lesson and several activities.  I will be available all the way through, just send me an email and I will help you with any of the issues.

Because the class is available upon registration, there will be no refunds.  Since this is a memoir class, I am assuming you all have read some memoirs, but if you would like some recommendations, I have a list of many you may be interested in.

Throughout the course, as you are re-discovering your own truth and how to bring it to the page, I ask each of you to engage in a conversation at the bottom of each activity.  This is a powerful tool and should be utilized and I will respond to each.

By re-designing this class, it is more like a one-on-one format now, but the rules still remain.  There is NO critiquing of each other’s work.  Each student is invited to post fragments of their work along the way.


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The Organics of Writing Class SeriesJoin other students on this eight (8) week Mining Truth in Memoir prospecting expedition.  We will explore the different methods of digging into that moist organic space where truth explodes into deep, scintillating story. The possibilities are endless with these valuable practices.

Class is now open and ready.  Just register and the class is open to take at your own speed.
Cost: $129

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